What is iLok?

April 6, 2017

What is iLok?

An iLok is a portable USB device used for storing software authorizations.  When attached to your computer, the licenses on the iLok device are detected by the iZotope software.

The iLok device, also known as a dongle, must be purchased separately.  The licenses on the iLok device are managed through an app called iLok License Manager, which can be installed from the manufacturer (PACE) website at www.iLok.com.


Why Use iLok?

As opposed to the normal method of storing iZotope authorizations on the computer itself, using iLok lets users authorize iZotope software on any computer, as long as their iLok device is inserted and the iLok License Manager software is installed.

This can be handy for users who do their work on multiple computers in different studios/environments, as opposed to working on a single personal computer.


What is an iLok ID?

To use iLok authorization you must have an iLok ID, a unique username that is associated with your iLok account. This is the same as the username you use to log into iLok's website and the iLok License Manager software.

If you do not already have an iLok account set up, visit iLok.com to create one.

Note: your iLok ID is not the same as the serial number on the iLok device itself.


What If I Don’t Have An iLok?

An iLok is not required to successfully authorize your iZotope products. To authorize via challenge/response simply input your product serial number, name, and iZotope registered email into the authorization wizard.

Be sure to uncheck "Use iLok authorization" in order to save your authorization directly to your computer (an internet connection is required).

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