Storing authorizations on an external disk or USB flash drive

April 13, 2015

iZotope authorizations can be stored on a portable hard drive or flash drive, which can be beneficial when trying to authorize multiple user accounts on a single computer.

Before proceeding, make sure that your portable drive is attached to and recognized by your system. Also, make sure the drive has been formatted at least once in its lifetime, and is ready to store data.

To place an authorization for your iZotope product on the drive, follow these steps:

  1. Load the iZotope product.
  2. In the authorization window, enter your name, email and serial number.
  3. Click the Advanced button and choose 'Store response on disk,' and then choose the desired disk in the list on the left.
  4. Click authorize.

This flash drive or hard disk will now authorize any user account on this computer. If you move it to an alternate computer, however, you will need to once again authorize your iZotope product on this drive for that particular computer.

If you have any questions about iZotope's license transfer policy, please contact iZotope Customer Support.

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