Updated Iris Cookbook Unleashed | Spectral Synthesis Tips

How do you make a ‘phat’ synth? How do you take an organic object, and manipulate the sonic material and resonances into something wonderfully musical? Iris makes it easy to create unique, musical, engaging sounds not possible with other types of synthesizers. With a number of different spectral selection tools at your disposal, it takes a matter of seconds to morph your sound into something unique and completely new to your audience!

Our Iris Cookbook has been updated with all new recipes to help you explore spectral synthesis techniques and sculpt new sounds!

From melodic plucks and dramatic swells to dirty, grating leads, follow along with new recipes and preset patches to discover all new instruments and textures.

Download both the Cookbook PDF and ZIP folder containing the Iris Cookbook presets which have all the necessary samples included. The PDF contains instructions to import the presets into Iris. Test out some of the presets, then follow along with the Cookbook to learn how to make the sounds from scratch!

Get the Iris Cookbook | Download the PDF (12.2 MB)
Follow along with free Iris Presets | Download the .ZIP (30.7 MB)


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