Using Vinyl for an old radio sound


Learn how to dial in the lo-fi sound of the radio era.

In this example, Vinyl is being used to make a song sound as if it is being played from an old radio. The YEAR parameter band-limits the signal, making it sound as if it is being played back on small radio speakers. By adjusting the YEAR parameter to a higher setting, you can increase the perceived size of the playback setting. Meanwhile, the MECHANICAL NOISE, WEAR, DUST, and SCRATCH parameters all add dirt and simulate radio interference. 

This effect can be very useful in post production when mixing a scene at a location such as a bar, or when one character is on the other end of a phone call. In both of these situations, switching Vinyl into MONO may further help since both of these playback systems are either mono or have a very narrow sound stage.

Dial in an old radio sound

  1. Set MECHANICAL NOISE to -16dB.

  2. Set WEAR to 23%.

  3. Set DUST to 6dB and DUST AMOUNT to 90%.

  4. Set SCRATCH to -16dB and SCRATCH AMOUNT to 1.

  5. Set WARP DEPTH to 4%.

  6. Set YEAR to 1930.

  7. Set RPM to 78.

⤑ Download Vinyl to try this old radio sound in your mix.

⤑ Download the Vinyl recall sheet to keep track of your other best settings.

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