Vocal Mixing Tips


Get essential tips on how to mix vocals in this roundup of our most popular tutorials. Learn the basics of vocal mixing and other techniques like how to make vocals cut through any mix, the history of vocal doubling, home recording basics, and much more. Plus get  tips on how to use iZotope's free Vocal Doubler plug-in.

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Vocal Doubler Tips

  1. The results sound great if you run Vocal Doubler on clean, “dry” vocals (vocals that don’t have reverb or other effects). The digital signal processing in Vocal Doubler could interact with any effects you leave on the track, potentially causing unintended artifacts, like popping noises.
  2. Creating a stacked vocal effect from a single vocal is an ideal use case. Running it on a background vocal bus can lead to some artifacts (but is fun!).
  3. Want a stronger doubling effect? Try adding multiple Vocal Doublers.