How to Play a Mean Pinball with Neutron 2

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No, there does not have to be a twist: Neutron 2’s Visual Mixer is a fully playable, virtual pinball machine.

In software development, there’s a familiar trope called an Easter Egg, whereby an engineer or group of engineers “hide” a bit of code deep in the product. This bit of code executes as an often fun, but secret piece of functionality that acts as the team's watermark.

Ordinarily, Easter Eggs are meant to be a secret, but in the case of Neutron 2, this Easter Egg is too good not to share with our customers.

Neutron 2’s Visual Mixer is a fully functional, virtual pinball machine.

In this post, I’ll walk you through finding Neutron 2’s Visual Mixer Easter Egg. Don’t have Neutron 2? No problem. Download a free 10-day trial here.

Activating Neutron 2 Pinball

WARNING: Before you start, please note that Neutron 2’s Pinball Mixer will change your mix, so make sure to back up your session or try it on a new one.

  1. Place a single Neutron 2 Mix Tap or Neutron 2 plug-in on a track in your mix

  2. Make sure the Neutron 2 Visual Mixer is inserted somewhere in your mix

  3. Open the Visual Mixer, double-click on any of the nodes’ names to rename the node. These are located along the right side of the Visual Mixer

  4. Rename a node to “pinball”

  5. Click on the letter “I” in the Visual Mixer logo

The interface should instantly change into a 2D pinball game. The instructions alongside the game explain how the controls work, including multiball and tilt functions. To play with up to four people, on startup select “X” on your computer keyboard.

Think you have the high score? Screenshot your score and post to our Facebook page or Tweet  @izotopeinc.

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Gotta find em all

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