Differences between Ozone 7 Elements and Ozone 7


Ozone 7 Elements is built on the same digital signal processing as Ozone 7, but is designed for musicians and producers who are just getting started mastering their own tracks, and might be intimidated by some of the options in Ozone 7 and Ozone 7 Advanced. With that in mind, we've limited control of Ozone 7 Elements to just preset selection and Macro adjustment, while Ozone 7 and Ozone 7 Advanced allow you full control over all module parameters as well as preset selection.

Ozone 7 and Ozone 7 Advanced include access to many features not included in Ozone 7 Elements. Ozone 7 and Ozone 7 Advanced each include the standalone Ozone application in addition to the plug-ins, for an end-to-end mastering solution outside of your digital audio workstation. They both offer full control over every parameter of each processing module: the Equalizer, Dynamic Equalizer, Dynamics, Post-Equalizer, Stereo Imager, Harmonic Exciter, Maximizer and Vintage Limiter, and Ozone 7 Advanced adds the Vintage EQ, Vintage Compressor, Codec Preview and the Insight metering suite. Plus, the advanced version includes each of these modules as an individual component plug-in; a collection of 12 plug-ins in all.

You can learn more about all the differences between Ozone 7 Elements and Ozone 7 on this comparison chart, and the differences between Ozone 7 and Ozone 7 Advanced on this additional comparison chart. You can also download each 10-day trial and see which tool works best for your workflow.

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