The Pursuit of Electronic Excellence


Electronic musician Thavius Beck uses Stutter Edit to turn inspiration into artistic vision on stage.

By the time he was a teenager, Thavius Beck could already play several instruments. But he found his true calling exploring the musical possibilities of electronic rather than acoustic music. His insatiable curiosity took him on a decades-long journey from gear to gear: from a humble Ensoniq SQ-2 synthesizer to a Roland S-50 sampler and eventually to Stutter Edit, iZotope's live remix software.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Beck helped assemble the hip-hop crew that would become Global Phlowtations. The experience sharpened his skills as a producer, rapper, and engineer. He emerged as a solo artist in his own right and created several albums' worth of material. In recent years, he's helped usher in an electronic-tinged flavor of hip hop under the name AdLib—a nod to his early years as a jazz saxophonist.

Touring the electronic music circuit requires low overhead. Beck strives to do the most with the least amount of equipment. He's able to perform entire shows manipulating his beats live on stage with just Stutter Edit, his QuNeo controller, and a MacBook.

Beck triggers different Stutter Edit presets using his MIDI controller, so he can change what he wants to hear as the inspiration strikes. "What I do with Stutter Edit I can't do with any other effects I have," he says. "Right now it's one of my favorite effects and I've been using it a lot."

For Beck, the visual nature of Stutter Edit helps him understand the mechanics behind the music so he can tweak the settings to his liking. There are no numbers or dense text to read under dim stage lights, just a clean visual layout. The interactive nature means he can truly play the effects, rather than just turning them on and off.

Beck is equally at home working with sequencers and samplers as he is collaborating with other curious creative visionaries. Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and legendary spoken-word artist Saul Williams are two of his high-profile partnerships. With an enviable amount of tech savvy and a long list of credits under his belt already, he's well poised to follow his inspiration into the next generation of gear.

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