Powering the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards


This year’s GRAMMY Awards, the 60th annual edition of the awards show, took place on Sunday, January 28 at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Many of this year’s GRAMMY-nominees used iZotope plug-ins in the making of their records. We spoke to some of them about what they used and how.


Artist: Nothing More

Album: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Nominated for: Best Rock Album and Best Rock Performance

"iZotope plug-ins were used at every stage of our production process on The Stories We Tell Ourselves. There is something exciting, inspiring, and intuitive about the products, and we found ourselves loading them into our sessions again and again. Now we use them in the studio and live on stage, especially for unique vocal effects. They are always pushing the envelope with sonic possibilities. Thanks for the brilliant plug-ins, iZotope!" —Jonny Hawkins, Lead Singer

Mastering Engineer: Bob Boyd | Mixing Engineer: Jonny Hawkins | Additional Credits

Artist: Coldplay

Album: Kaleidoscope EP

Nominated for: Best Pop Vocal Album

“I’m loving all the new algorithms. I’m using Ozone far beyond just mastering; it’s a wonderfully creative processor.” —Rik Simpson, Producer

Mastering Engineer: Chris Allgood | Composer: Sean Anderson | Additional Credits

Artist: Odesza

Album: A Moment Apart

Nominated for: Best Dance Recording and Best Dance/Electronic Album

“On A Moment Apart there are lots of dirty samples and elements with extreme processing. RX gives me total control over the noise and character of each part. I can leave just enough grit so it's interesting without it getting in the way of the song. And de-click for vocals has saved me countless hours over the last few years.

Ozone also played a part on every track...the Maximizer is great for crushing drums, but with the IRC [modes] the transients still get through. And I often used the multiband compressor on the final mix to tighten things up without sacrificing low-end punch. Plus the Imager for widening synths...the list goes on." —Eric J., Mixing Engineer

Mastering Engineer: Matt Colton | Additional Credits

Artist: Avenged Sevenfold

Song: “The Stage”

Nominated for: Best Rock Song

"I used RX on a guitar solo on the Avenged Sevenfold record to get rid of the noise, and when I flipped the phase, the guitar almost completely cancelled. Pretty awesome how it got rid of the buzz but not any sound of the guitar. Incredible!" —Joe Barresi, Producer

Mastering Engineer: Bob Ludwig | Mixing Engineers: Andy Wallace, Josh Wilbur, Paul Suarez | Additional Credits

Artist: Luis Fonsi

Record/Song: “Despacito”

Nominated for: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

"We used the Ozone EQ, the Multiband, and the Limiter. Those three are our go-to for our master chain and use them all the time. Then Insight at the end to check the loudness.

“I've been using iZotope for a long time—since Ozone 4. Since then, it's been our go-to. There are so many options, but iZotope's always end up on every song we produce." —Luis "Salda" Saldarriaga, Recording Engineer

Producer: Andrés Torres | Composers: Erika Ender, Luis Fonsi, Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez | Additional Credits

Artist: Father John Misty

Album: Pure Comedy

Nominated for: Best Alternative Music Album and Best Recording Package

"I was extremely lucky to be working with such talented artists, producer, and engineers on Pure Comedy. But sometimes your tracks get sick, and you gotta call the doctor. iZotope has got the best RX on the market for even the toughest to clean stains. A little mic bump, a mouth noise, a shuffle from an intern...sounds that might have made me take a risky punch or a time consuming edit just weren't that big of a deal to wipe clean." —Trevor Spencer, Mixing Engineer

Mastering Engineer: Bob Ludwig | Mixing Engineers: Jonathan Wilson, Josh Tillman, Trevor Spencer | Additional Credits

Artist: Sarah McLachlan

Album: Wonderland

Nominated for: Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album

“For Wonderland I used Ozone 8 on every mix. I love that plug-in. And over the years, RX has saved, many exceptional performances that would have been otherwise unusable.” —Pierre Marchand, Producer

Mastering Engineer: Adam Ayan | Additional Credits

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