Ozone, Neutron on Courtney Barnett’s New Record, 'Tell Me How You Really Feel'


Every Friday, we’re sharing a newly released song or album from one of our favorite artists and how they used an iZotope product on it.

This week features producer Burke Reid talking about how he used iZotope’s Ozone and Neutron plug-ins when mixing Courtney Barnett’s new record Tell Me How You Really Feel.

“Most projects I work on these days, iZotope plugins get bandied around the mix quite a bit. On Courtney’s record, Tell Me How You Really Feel, Neutron was used on my bass bus throughout, as the Dynamic EQ portion was great for controlling those boomy notes that naturally happen—without gutting the bottom end—as well as the Exciter for a bit of hair in the upper mids. I also set up a parallel bus with Neutron’s Transient Shaper (with the attack killed and sustain full to act like a nuked compressor) and Exciter engaged. I sent drums to this and blend in for some extra spice.

“Ozone’s Imager was used liberally on FX busses to mess with verbs and delays, as I like getting them into spaces not initially intended.”

    — Burke Reid, Producer, Tell Me How You Really Feel

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