Jacknife Lee: DDLY “Delivers Big” on New Snow Patrol Record ‘Wildness’


Every Friday, we’re sharing a newly released song or album from one of our favorite artists and how they used an iZotope product on it.

This week we spoke to legendary producer Jacknife Lee, who produced, played, and wrote for the new Snow Patrol record Wildness, (released May 25 on Republic).

DDLY is super powerful and can be as seductive as the rabbit in wonderland. So many features that separate it from a lot of other delays out there. The dual independent delays are great. The width on the DDLY is fantastic. Some mad phasing that I've used on guitars to get some depth and space. The trash feature an is awesome tool to add character. Grain delay, that is wild. We used it on “Life and Death” from the Snow Patrol record on the drum modules and kit busses to get some crazy counter rhythms going and give us background movement.

“On vocals, the dual delay gets hammered as it's got the filter feature, so you can control the darkness and how it echo falls into the ether. It's a deep piece of software that delivers big the more time you spend with it, but out of the box it's also super effective and rewarding. But really, dig in deeper…”

—Jacknife Lee (Producer: Snow Patrol, Wildness)

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