How Joe Chiccarelli Used VocalSynth on Morrissey’s “I Wish You Lonely"


Joe Chiccarelli has engineered, mixed, and produced projects for the likes of Al Stewart, Frank Zappa, and Elton John. Most recently, he produced Morrissey’s forthcoming album, Low In High-School, due out November 17. We asked him how he used VocalSynth on Morrissey recent single from the album, “I Wish You Lonely.”

“I use the iZotope VocalSynth plugin for a multiplicity of effects. Having the ability to easily print a vocal harmony track, a vocoder effect, or even a simple delay or distortion effect is ideal for me. Very often I will print several different tracks of VocalSynth, all with different effects. I will then cut them up and use specific effects for certain spots in a track. One vocal line might be just a delay trail, and one line might be the harmonized vocoder type effect (as exemplified on the Morrissey track “I Wish You Lonely” from the upcoming album Low In High School).”

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